Welcome to the Running Club @ UW-Madison website!

Here you’ll find training resources, race guides, and much more. The Running Club is a great group: freshman to grad students, casual joggers to competitive racers. We welcome UW-Madison runners of all speeds and all levels of experience to join us for great workouts and fun.

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COVID 19 UPDATES – TDLR: In Person Runs!

Covid Precautions: (You MUST sign up beforehand for every run on IMLeagues)

  • You have to be signed up as a team member on IMLeagues and fill out your health waiver and membership consent forms.
  • Further you will receive links via the emails to sign up for each run before it starts.
  • Runs will be limited to 24 people (6 groups of 4).  Each group will have at least one officer to lead the route so that all the groups go different places and don’t stay together the entire time. Note: Groups will be separated by speed.
  • Everyone must wear a mask the entire time.  (we are recommending bringing a second one in case the first one gets too wet).
  • Everyone must have their phone (with a green badger badge that will be scanned by an officer).

Distances: 3-6 miles decided on per group the day of.

Run Location: Bottom of Bascom Hill

Run Times: Fridays at 5pm and Sundays at 3pm.

  • Fridays @ 5PM
  • Sundays @ 3PM

There will be no dues associated with being a member of Running Club this semester (woot woot)!  The only requirements to be a member this semester will be to fill out a consent form and health waiver on IMLeagues.

If you would like to join Running Club and would like to stay up to date on events occurring throughout the semester, please join our email list by emailing runningclub+subscribe@g-groups.wisc.edu.  Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns by emailing runningclubuwmsn@gmail.com!

We will be in touch soon with more information and details on membership, virtual club meetings, workouts, and events once we figure them out!

Sound good? Come run with us and see what we’re all about.

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