Running Club @ UW: Run for Fun!

The Running Club began in 1986. Our Advisor, Ron Carda, was one of the charter members! We are part of the UW Recreational Sports, Club Sports program and offer a unique blend of exercise and fun. Runners are welcome at any level. While some members are quite good, most of us run for enjoyment and to stay healthy.

Requirements to be a member

You must fill out a consent form and health waiver on IMLeagues.

Further, you must pay $15 a semester OR $25 a year for membership dues to the club.

We highly recommend signing up for our email listing to stay up to date on events occurring throughout the year by emailing runningclub+subscribe@g-groups.wisc.edu and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns by emailing runningclubuwmsn@gmail.com!

We’re a social group

Several times a year we participate in local road and trail races with an entry fee discount for club members. We also have lots of club socials – which usually involve free food!

We give back

We encourage a healthy lifestyle in our community by offering two very popular road races during the year:  the Fall 15K (our charity run) and the Valentines 5K (our club fundraiser).  Club members volunteer behind the scenes and are in charge of everything from course setup, to registration, to timing. We have a lot of fun with these races and the community really enjoys them.

We build resumes

Being an active member of a student organization is a great addition to your resume. Plus, club members volunteer behind the scenes at two races, and volunteer work is key for many recruiters. If you’d like to be even more involved, consider being a club officer or committee chair. Elections are held at the end of the spring semester.

How do you join?

  1. Join our email list for club updates and events.
  2. Request Membership on IMLeagues and fill out the membership consent form and supplemental health waiver.  On IMLeagues you will also need to complete the Safety & Risk Management training module with a score of 80% or higher.  A link to the form can be found here: https://forms.gle/PxTrygrDZeoCmrSt8

Still have questions?

Please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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