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The Running Club hosts two races each year:  the Fall 15K (our charity run) and the Valentine’s run (our club fundraiser).  These two races are a lot of fun for many people in the community.

Club members do not run in the race – even though we want to! Instead, we are required to help behind the scenes. There are many positions available, including some before the race if you can’t make it on race day. Below are instructions to help prepare for your volunteer positions.


The Advertising committee is in charge of getting the word out about the race. Their major duties include:

  • Distributing race flyers/brochures to local businesses
  • Passing out flyers/brochures at local races
  • Submit an announcement to local events calendars (newspapers, running store websites, online news stations)
  • Hanging the race banner on the crosswalks above Park St (four weeks to race day) and Campus Dr (two weeks to race day)
  • Chalking around campus

Food and Prizes

The Food and Prizes committee is in charge of collecting donations from local businesses. Businesses who donate will have their names displayed at the race as a thank you for their donation. Committee members will be given race flyers and an official letter explaining the race.

  • Solicit grocery stores, coffee shops, bakeries and bagel shops for post-race refreshments
  • Solicit running stores, bike shops, restaurants and local shops for prizes
  • Record businesses and prizes in the advertising file
  • Make thank-you posters: Race Sponsors, Food Sponsors, Prize Sponsors
  • Write thank you cards to donating businesses


The Registration committee has the important job of collecting all of the runners’ information for the race. There are three ways that runners can register: online, mail-in, and race-day registration. A description of the registration duties are below:

  • Pre-race:
    • Collect mail-in forms from the club mailbox (or Ron) at the Natatorium
    • Transfer information from the forms to a spreadsheet; email it to the officers
    • You may wish to collect forms multiple times instead of doing them all at once
  • Timing Chair (pre-race):
    • Collect mail-in spreadsheet info and combine with online spreadsheet
    • Send confirmation email to pre-registered runners
  • Race day:
    • Arrive early to setup the registration tables (see diagrams)
    • Race-day forms tables will need registration forms and pens
    • Pre-reg checklist tables will have the alphabetical lists of pre-registered runners. They will check for their bib number and go to the appropriate pre-registration line.
    • Pre-registration volunteers should hand the runners their bib (ask them to wear it visible in the front) and goodie bag. Relays/teams should be reminded to check the posted instructions.
    • Race-day tables will collect forms and money, assign a bib number (write bib number on registration form!), and give them their goodie bags
    • Race-day forms are given to the computer people to add to the database

registration diagram

  • Post-race:
    • Collect race-day registration forms and transfer information from the forms to a spreadsheet. Email it to the officers
    • Officers: combine race-day spreadsheet info with pre-reg spreadsheet and send email announcing results

Timing (computer)

The Timing committee is in charge of maintaining the database of runner information, collecting the race times, correcting the times, and printing the race results. Specific guidelines are outlined in the presentation given at the timing workshop. A brief overview is below:

  • Pre-race:
    • Setup race info and awards files
    • Enter pre-registration information into the database and assign bib numbers
    • Print lists for race-day
  • Race day:
    • Add race-day registration info to database
    • Scan bib tags of finishers into timing program
    • Import race times from Time Machine
    • Rearrange times as needed and print results
    • Send Individual (overall.txt) and Team (relay.txt) files to webmaster to post on the website

Course Setup

A small group of volunteers is needed to set up the course and finish line before the race. It is their job to:

  • Ensure the course equipment (cones, bull horn, finish line, clock, signs, water station supplies) is reserved from Rec Sports
  • Meet Friday before the race to collect course supplies from the Natatorium
  • Arrive at early on race day to set up the course (cones, signs, water station supplies) and finish line (finish chute and prepare clock)

Course Marshalls

The largest number of volunteers are needed as Course Marshalls. Each volunteer is assigned a position on the course and given specific instructions.  Below are general instructions:

  • Corner guards: direct runners around corners, stop traffic if necessary, and cheer
  • Split timers: read off times at 1 mile and 2 mile points (5K/10K point for Fall 15K)
  • Bikers: one to lead the runners and one to bring up the rear and notify course marshalls when then can leave their positions.  The Fall 15K may need a second lead biker for the faster relay teams.

Finish Line

Volunteers at the finish line are in charge of getting all the runners through the chute and getting their times recorded.  These are very important positions!  The number of finish line volunteers varies for each race. See the diagrams and read the descriptions below:

finishline diagram

  • Timing clicker: clicks the Time Machine clicker to record everyone who crosses the finish line
  • Select timer: enters bib numbers into Time Machine and hits enter as they cross the finish line (as many as possible)
  • Corrallers: corral runners as they cross the finish line ensuring that they stay in order
  • Chute director: directs runners into the correct chute; closes a chute when the line gets long
  • Tag tearers: tears bib tags off and hands them (individually!) to the tag collector
  • Tag collector: collects tags on clothes hanger (face down, in order!) until ~25 tags collected, then hands hanger to tag runner
  • Tag runner: brings tags to computer people to scan, then returns to finish line
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