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Running Abroad@UW

Running is our club’s main focus, no matter where we may travel. Some of our members have stories to share while they have been studying abroad. Here are some of these experiences.

Greetings from Ireland…

Colleen's running in Ireland

Colleen’s running in Ireland

“I studied abroad and had an internship in Dublin, Ireland all summer, and it was the most amazing experience of my life. Regarding running, I have ran the Rock N Roll half marathon in Chicago the past two summers, and it just so happened that the inaugural Dublin Rock N Roll half [marathon] was the morning of my last day in Ireland. The race passed landmarks like the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Trinity College, and wove through Phoenix Park. The Dublin half [marathon] was different because unlike the music played in Chicago, they incorporated the culture by having Irish bands play classic Irish pub songs. After spending ten weeks in an amazing country and city the half was a great way to end my experience in Dublin.”–Colleen, RC VP

Good day from Chile…

“For the Spring 2016 Semester, I studied abroad in Santiago, Chile in the CIEE business program. I traveled all over Chile including the Atacama Desert and Patagonia, and also Peru and Argentina. My favorite part about South America was spending my weekends hiking in the mountains with friends. Nothing gets you in shape for running more than climbing up mountains for hours!” -Kendra RC Treasurer



Goða Dag from Iceland…

“In the summer between my Sophomore and Junior year, I lived in Reykjavik, Iceland for three months, working as a neurophysiology research intern at Reykjavik University. I loved the experience of living in and exploring a foreign country. Part of this exploration involved running around downtown Reykjavik, the harbor, Hallgrimskirkja and surrounding parks. While the weather, averaging around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, was not the best beach weather, it was excellent for running. There were plenty of trails along the ocean front with a great view of mountains and glaciers. At the end of the summer, I ran the Reykjavik Marathon, which ran through downtown, along the waterfront and some of the surrounding suburbs. One of my favorite parts of this marathon was seeing all the countries represented and even running into another runner from Wisconsin.”

-Ben, RC Secretary


Buenos Días de España

“This past spring semester I studied abroad in Valencia, Spain. It was an outstanding experience, submersing myself into a new and exciting way of life. I was worried that Spain was just cities and parties, but once I got there I was pleasantly surprised! I found a group of friends who wanted to explore, go on adventures, be a little wild at times, but stay grounded and really focus on learning the culture. We had beach sunset picnics, played volleyball, went to concerts, hiked, surfed, swam, had BBQs, took road trips to the mountains, went kayaking down the coastlines, went to the many fiestas. The life was fast paced and full! I found the Spanish people were generous and kind and very open and fun. But like running, it was not always a comfortable experience. Adjusting to a new way of life independent of family and friends poses many challenges, but in the end, that discomfort grew me as a person in many many ways. As for running abroad, I scaled way way way back. I was used to running 6 days, 40 miles a week days a week. That was just usual for me. Running was how I focused my studies, how I balanced my stress, and how I got my fresh air and the precious “me time” that is so difficult to find in the fast pace of our demanding and social college lives. When I got to Spain, I was relaxed, a new me! Where I used to almost be addicted to running, my Spanish lifestyle taught me to allow myself to relax. Most times runners are motivated to do more and more and more. Usually, this is good. But, coming from a slight over achiever, it is important to remind yourself to allow your body to do less. It’s a balance, a beautiful balance.”

-Tessa, RC Timing Chair


Greetings from Croatia…

“I studied abroad in Rovinj, Croatia the summer following my freshman year with my sister Allie. It was one of my favorite experiences as a Badger, filled with interesting people, fantastic food, and unforgettable experiences. Like most of Croatia, Rovinj is a coastal city that extends into the Adriatic Sea. Allie and I often ran or biked on Rovinj’s beautiful coastal and pine trails whenever we had the chance. If you ever go to Croatia, please experience these stunning paths for yourself.”
-Kenzie, RC President

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