Race Timing

Race Timing Services

The Running Club provides timing services for local races. Club members use this opportunity to get familiar with our timing equipment and prepare for our club races.


The race director is in charge of advertising, pre-registration, race setup and securing volunteers for registration, course marshalls and the finish line. The UWRC members will handle registration data entry, running the timing system and processing the results. We generally provide 1-2 club members, who are in charge of the computer system aspect of the timing. Five responsible members from the race organization will directly help with timing at the finish line. UWRC members may be available to fill the finish line positions for an additional fee.

Timing Fee

The fee for our timing services is $100 + $0.25 for each participant. This cost includes race-day results processing and about four hours for the UWRC members to prepare for the race by entering pre-registration information, setting up the timing program, and meeting with your organization. Time in excess of four hours will be included in the overall fee at a rate of $8/hr. If your event is located outside the UW-Madison campus, travel expenses will be added at a rate of $0.40/mile.


In general, we require six week’s notice to secure timers and prepare for the race. If you would like to secure our timing services, please check our availability on your race date using our Events Calendar. Please note that we are only able to book one race per weekend, so check for weekend availability.

Make a Request

If there are no conflicts listed, please fill out the following form to request our timing services.

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